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About Us

Who We Are

Betty Jackson Counseling Services wants to provide therapeutic tools to effectively address personal life challenges, create healthier decision making, and encourage mental wellness.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to making changes throughout the community evidenced by their hard work and dedication to help individuals and families work toward fixing their unresolved problems and/or issues that cause them to lose focus while conducting their day to day lifestyles.

Our Goal

Her goals include helping clients change their unwanted behaviors by “reframing” their problems and helping them to see alternative solutions. She employs a variety of therapeutic perspectives in her work with children, teens, adults and families.

About Us

Welcome to Betty Jackson Counseling Services, a trusted destination for comprehensive mental health services. Our dedicated team of compassionate professionals is committed to providing exceptional care and support to individuals seeking to enhance their emotional well-being and lead fulfilling lives.

We have certified peer recovery support specialists, certified behavioral health case managers/rehabilitative specialists and licensed behavioral health providers. We utilize a team of providers that use an eclectic approach to mental health. We provide psychological evaluations, individual therapy, family therapy, case management services, peer recovery services, psychological testing, drug and alcohol assessments and individual rehabilitative services, and offer referrals for medication management, primary medical care and other services as needed or warranted.

We recognize that seeking help can be a courageous step, and we commend you for taking that step towards prioritizing your mental health and overall well being. We provide a multitude of services to help work to create wholeness and initiate the necessary changes needed to live a healthier and more productive lifestyle.  

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